Sunday 31 August 2008

Toe Stub - Again!

A little ridge is at the foot of my front door, it has taken a while to get used to it since the double glazed unit was put in. I use to stub my toe on it regularly but not for some months now.

However, it was early Sunday morning and I had had a few Rakias the night before and not thinking straight. Whack! the some toe was stubbed again an the memories of day so pain came back in a flash. Needless to say, it was found not the prefect cure for a hangover, just a transfer of pain!

Saturday 30 August 2008

Salt in Coffee

I put salt into my coffee today instead of sugar, but not just for myself, but for three other guests as well! An easy mistake an of course only made when done in numbers.

Friday 29 August 2008

Falling in a Pit

This really was a trip to Yambol town centre as I planned to meet someone there this afternoon.

It took a good 20 seconds to get ready as I dressed with a clean T-shirt, shorts, sandals and handbag I was now geared up ready to go to meet my guest.

The walk was lovely as the sun wasn't too hot, just comfortably warm with a breeze that was just right. As you walk the distractions start taking their toll, there is so much to see just on a short walk.

Today there is major roadworks going on, its been going on for the last two weeks now with a new canal and kerb being made. This is most interesting watching Bulgarian workers not work in the main. I glance over the road as a big step is taken to bridge the gap that had been dug and I misjudged the distance. Down I fall right into the pit. I really did feel a fool now sitting in the bottom in gravel and sand.

I didn't hurt myself, just got very dusty and as I looked around I noticed that no one had seen that happen. SO I casually got up, dusted myself down, scrambled out of the pit and carried on my journey as if nothing had happened.

This evening I realised that I did hurt myself, but in these moments of bad luck the pain is not felt. Another couple of days of bruising to now be repaired.

Thursday 28 August 2008

Spider in the Night

This didn't happen during the day but during the early hours this morning around 4:00. The experience now wil make me have many a sleepless night.

Because we dont' have a air conditioning system in the bedroom I sleep nude without any bedcover on me. That is the only way to keep cool whereas Galia being a woman is snugged up under all of the covers. The window is wide open all night and that's how it is in our bedroom in the hot Yambol summer.

Occasionally we have to relieve ourselves in the night and tonight was one of those occasions. Galia turned the light on to go and of course I woke only to see a sight that I had wished I hadn't.

A massive spider was walking on my bottom! It must have been about 4-5 cm long and was furry. My reaction was a shout and a quick swipe as the spider didn't know what hit it. It was slapped onto the floor and there was Galia wondering what all the fuss was about.

After explaining I went to look for the spider, but it had disappeared. No sleep for the rest of the night then as I wondered where it was, this time seating away under the covers with Galia.

Whether my nude uncovered sleeping arrangements carry on now remains in doubt as the event has unnerved me. So the choice now is sweat under the covers and get no sleep or carry on as usual and get no sleep!

Wednesday 27 August 2008

Keys Washed Up

Finding keys is a big problem, it has been throughout my life and today was another example although a first in losing them this way.

Last night we arrive back home after a lovely beer in a local street cafe away from the centre of Yambol town. After two beers and the clock striking 11:00 when we got home it was bedtime as we locked up and got ready for bed.

The normal routine was clothes taken off and into the washing machine, then the bathroom visit and finally bed. This took place as normal.

Early the following morning we had ring next door for them to come and let us out of the house with the spare set of keys. We couldn't get out of the house other than using windows. The original set of keys couldn't be found anywhere, until they were discovered in my trouser pockets as they were being taken out of the washing machine to be hung up to dry by Baba Mama.

It is just a matter of time for another incident that causes inconvenience.

Tuesday 26 August 2008

Supermarket Wait

Yet another event in a supermarket, the wrong aisle chosen this time.

Evening time and the daily shopping done, it was particularly busy and lots of Brits shopping, but that wasn't the reason for the delay we.

Five aisles were open and we chose the shortest queue, only three people in it, the rest had at least four plus.

Good progress was made until we found out that the couple in front of us decided not to weigh and price up their fruit and vegetable earlier. They had at least five or six plastic bags that now had to be weighed before going through the check out. We of course had already stacked our shopping on the conveyor belt so there was not turning back.

After a couple of minutes waiting for an assistant to take the bags to the other end of the store to the weighing scales, naturally the furthest point from the cashier, nothing turned up, everyone was serving on a till!. The now customers offered to take the goods and weigh them and the woman went to do just that. Five minutes later, the woman hadn't returned so the cashier locked up and went to see what was wrong. Another five minutes elapsed and they finally came back with the prices stuck on.

We were there waiting for almost 15 minutes as everyone watched up being held up. Why does it always happen to us?

Monday 25 August 2008

Lock Out

Another car incident saw the luck turn against me again today.

The passenger side door locking mechnicism is hardly ever used as the door is usually locked from the inside. Therefore you wouldn't think that there would be any wear and tear on the barrel of the lock where the key fits in. Wrong!

On shutting the door the complete key barrel fell out of the door and was left dangling. It was pushed back in but obviously the retaining bolt had come loose inside the door and the whole door needed to be stripped down to get access to fix it back.

Sunday 24 August 2008

Toothpaste Tube Cutting Edge

A bathroom scene was the cause for concern this morning as I get ready for work. As always the washing shaving and other bits that you do in the toilet took affect. The last thing I do is clean my teeth and gargle with mouthwash.

Over the last few days the toothpaste was nearing the end and it was becoming more of a chore each day trying to squeeze a pea sized amount to load onto my toothbrush. The tube should have really been replaced yesterday, we had a new tube but being in Bulgarian mode we don't waste anything here so an extra effort was made to extract the last remnants.

Suddenly fron the pressure applied the tube split and the metal shoulder of the tube cut into my finger. What made it worse was the toothpaste got into the cut and it was very painful.

So before I got to clean my teeth, the wound had to be cleaned and dressed and another new tube of toothpaste used. I would still do the same thing again, it was just my luck that there was a sharp metal content to the toothpaste tube.

Saturday 23 August 2008

Relaxing Day Spoilt

It was due to be a most relaxing day today as we were in the Skalitsa farmhouse for another weekend. What we didn't want was stress and that is brought about normally by guests turning up. Skalitsa Bulgarians are usually okay, they don't linger for long and and they are back to their farms families and chores, it is usually a short hello and that was it.

Today we just didn't want to be bothered as we both had a really hard week at work and wanted to just relax and try and do nothing for at least a day.

So what do we get at noon? A British couple over here for a holiday and basically invited themselves in. They had heard about us and wanted to meet us. We couldn't get rid of them! They are here on holiday we are working and wanted a bit of peace and quiet, that just wasn't going to happen, they had two young teenage kids with then who were a 'pain in the butt'. All they went on about was how bad the UK was and what plans they have to build a luxury house and earn from setting up a small estate agency around here. We'd heard it all before Galia we really didn't want to know.

We had to really tell them that we wanted them to go as we wanted solitude, but they were the type who just didn't seem to care about other people's needs. They were on holiday and they were the number one priority because of that.

We finally got rid of them and we were exhausted and filled with crap in out head about the nightmare of UK again. Not lucky today for a relaxing day, we were mentally ruined for the rest of the day.

Friday 22 August 2008

No Gas

We cooked the fish we had caught last weekend. The idea was to use a bit of oil in a frying pan, covered the fish in flour and fry. Because it is a bit messy we decided to do this outside with a little bottled gas cooker.

The idea sounded great as we took all the cooking equipment we needed, including bottles of ice cold beer to keep us company which we had our little picnic.

the first batch went really well and tasted great as we sampled the first helping washed down with the lovely Bulgarian beer.

Too good to be true was the case as the second batch went on to fry - then, the gas ran out!

To finish we had to go the the nearest garage 2 kilometres away and having had some beer I couldn't drive! It was a sobering walk there and back, in the heat of the day recorded at 37 degrees centigrade! On hour later we resumed in the dark! What luck!

Thursday 21 August 2008

Nail In Car Tyre

This morning it was the normal get up, get ready and walk to the car to drive Galia to work at 7:30 this morning. It was her birthday, surely we can't have bad luck on such a lovely occasion? Could we?

Just as I was about to get in the car I caught a glimpse of the left front tyre, there was a nail sticking out of the the tread. I looked closer and found that a big roof tack had embedded itself into the relatively new tyre.

As I tried to pull it out air started hissing out so I stopped. and banged it back in. It had to be left there and the puncture fixed at a garage. no luck on birthday days either it seems, and so early on in the day!

So today involves going to a garage and getting the puncture repaired, time and money always seems to be the penalty for bad luck. does that mean people with good luck are richer? I think yes is the answer to that.

Wednesday 20 August 2008

Yoghurt Saga

This happens often but today is was even worse than usually.

After shopping we gather all the bags from the boot of the Lada, most are thin plastic so each time they are lifted out gently with them being laden with food. It doesn't matter how gently they are lifted out, there is always one bag that catches a bit of protruding metal which is part of the boot locking mechanism. As the bag is pulled upwards the plastic rips and the content of the shopping scatters itself all over the floor of the boot.

Today we had bought back some home made yoghurt and one jar was smashed creaming all the other produce. It took a good ten minutes to go inside the house get the cleaning materials and clean all the mess up. There's nothing like yoghurt and splintered glass to clear up.

Like I said, the bags being ripped open, happens quite often but today the bad luck with yoghurt spill made it stand out more.

Tuesday 19 August 2008

Nose Bleed

It is time for work, it take 45 minutes to get ready after eating, washing and other bits and pieces. We are all ready to go and my nose starts bleeding!

There was 45 minutes in which it could have started but it chose to bleed just as we were meant to leave. If it happened earlier that would have been fine. If it happened after we'd left that would have been fine as well. On both occasion it would not have held us up and make us late.

So, tomorrow I will ask Galia to punch me on the nose 10 minutes before we leave so that I have a nose bleed with time to stem the blood before we leave for work!

Monday 18 August 2008

Lost Earring, Again!

I had a earring stud given to me as a gift from Galia last month and I lost it whilst wearing it. Lightning can't stick twice in the same place can it?

Just got out of the the car this morning after the factory run and looked back inside as I was about to shut the car door. There sitting on the seat was the fastening clip to my earring stud. I couldn't believe it as I hunted high and low in confines of the driving area of the cat looking for the lost stud.

After a while I gave up, it could be anywhere. This was the second stud earring I'd lost in the space of a month! Does anyone else have this problem?

Sunday 17 August 2008

Contact Lens

It was evening and we were going out to friends. With this I decided to put my contact lens in. I don't often wear them, but this is the only way I can wear sunglasses which were needed as we were to drive into the sunset this evening.

After a little trouble wit the left lens, I lost it. It had dropped somewhere with me searching for it for a good ten minutes. I couldn't find it anywhere. Galia came in to help, again nowhere to be seen. We were due off so I had to break the seal on a new lens to replace the lost one,

One hour later, we were at our friends and a phone call came. Baba had found the lost lens! So when we got home I now had two left lens stored, if only we had found it before a new one had been opened!

Saturday 16 August 2008

Salty Ayran

The old top coming off the salt gag. It never happens in real life does it. Well that's what I thought until this evening.

If was a simplе process of making some ayran, a yoghurt drink which consists of 50% yoghurt, 50% water and a couple of pinches of salt. This is my favourite non alcoholic drink and lovely with ice on a hot day.

Аll was made bar the salt as the condiment was being shaken into the jug. Then suddenly the top popped out into the ayran followed by the whole contents of salt.

We managed to salvage the ayran by not stirring it and with not wasting anything other than the salt, we could now laugh at the event and the bad luck.

Friday 15 August 2008

Sidewards Sockets

We needed a twin socket for the bedroom as the side lamp and the electronic bug killer needed to fit into the same plug. so it was off to the shop to buy one and we did. It was a three way plug which just seemed right for the job.

After dinner we were looking forward to having a light on and being protected from mosquitoes and bugs during the night.

It was into the bedroom to fit it out only to find out that the plugs all fit in sidewards. The electronic bug killer has a bottle of poison which is heated up with a heated metal element. This needs to stand upright. When we put it in sidewards all the poison liquid seeped out!

Thursday 14 August 2008

Dirty Car Windscreen

After a downpour of rain the windscreen of my car was sparkling clean. This is something that is quite rare in Yambol as the splattering of insects hitting the screen at speed just make a big smear when the windscreen wiper works. It is even rarer that I am actually driving when the downpour hits and that's what happened today.

A clean windscreen and only a short distance before I get home. It would be a good feeling parking with a clean vision next time I drive.

400 metres before the turn into my street and a dual carriageway has to be negotiated and guess what I was stuck behind? An old open back lorry carrying earth, I was stuck behind this as cars in the outer lane had packed up together, I had no choice other than to follow this lorry the last 400 metres.

By the time I had turned off the windscreen was absolutely covered in grime. Huh!

Wednesday 13 August 2008

Mosquitoes 1- Martin 0

Getting bitten by mosquitoes is not pleasant, not least because it give you up to a week or more or irritation and unsightly rashes. So if possible precautions are taken to avoid these after affects.

With this in mind before we went camping I checked the medicine cabinet to see whether the mosquito repellent had been packed. It wasn't there so I assumed Galia had put it in the luggage to go.

Can you guess what happen next?

Yes you're right, she didn't pack it, the spray had been taken to the Skalitsa Farmhouse last weekend and had not been brought back! So it was camping without a mosquito repellent and not getting there until gone seven in the evening all the shops had closed.

Right now I am suffering and what makes it worse is everyone else escaped being bitten expect me!

Tuesday 12 August 2008

Another Shower of Bad Luck

Another bout of bad luck int he showers this lunchtime as I rushed to get ready for lunch in a restaurant later today.

having grabbed the shower equipment it was off to the campsite shower unit where today there was water, not only that but hot water as it was sunny today and the solar system was working a treat. I thought my luck had changed for the good now.

Lovely hot water rushed over me as I applied the shampoo to my hair, but what is this, no lather after rubbing it in? I looked again and found that I had brought to the shower some body and hand cream instead of the shampoo.

So there was I stuck with hand cream in my hair with was oily and wouldn't come out. It was a trip back to the chalet with a punk hairstyle ,to collect the shampoo an start all over again.

Monday 11 August 2008

No Water, Cold Water Showers

Bad luck happened today when I went to go and have a shower in a camp site communal shower building and went for the last cubical in the row of ten there. I wet my hair and applied the shampoo and another camper walked into the next cubical to mine and turn his shower on. All the water stopped from mine and I had to wait ten minutes for him to finish before the shampoo could be rinsed out and my shower finished.

Not only that, the water was cold throughout as the water is heated through solar power and there was no sun today. Of course I didn't find that out until I was in the shower!

Sunday 10 August 2008

Phone Call

Everyday my mobile phone (or known as a GSM in Bulgaria) is normally with me 24 hours a day. It is kept in my shoulder bag (see Handbags for Bulgarian Men) which stay with me all day, working and doing the factory run in the morning and evening picking up Galia from work. At night is it by the side of my bed as an alarm for the morning. The only time it is not with me is when I'm in the toilet and that is a drop in the ocean (if you pardon the pun) in terms of time away from the GSM.

Now I am not a popular chap as my phone rarely rings, maybe one call a month maximum. So when the phone does ring I am quite surprised.

Today I went out to shut the garden gate after seeing a visitor out, I couldn't have been more than 30 seconds. I heard my phone ring as a was walking back. By the time I'd got the phone and accepted the call the ringing stopped! It had been over a month since the last call and the moment I was away from the phone, it rings.

I don't know who it was but I guess if they really want me they'll ring again, unless they are spying on me waiting for me to leave the phone for 30 seconds again!!

Saturday 9 August 2008

Soap Fun

A good day for luck today apart from one small element of bad luck. It wasn't serious and didn't cost money which is usually the case.

Back home after a hard days work in Yambol and into the bathroom to wash my face and hands, usual procedure. The soap we use is a pump action bottle, my idea as the bar of soap is quite unhygienic. As the pump was pushed nothing came out, there was soap in there but nothing was being ejected. I tried again, nothing.

The bottle was picked up and looked at, it seemed that the weather was so hot today that the soap int he ejecting nozzle was dried up so it was pump alert and action stations as some running water fro the tap was forcing up the nozzle to rehydrate the dried soap. The bottle in hand and the pumping action was started again. It seemed to have done the trick as the system worked perfectly but all the soap shot out all over my shirt and trousers!!! Huh! At least is wasn't food or oil.

Friday 8 August 2008

Where's the Lemonade and Chocolates?

After buying our shopping in Yambol today we looked at the food we had bought which was cover this evening and through to tomorrow.

All seemed to be in order as we checked the items; bread, sirene (white cheese), 2 litres of Bulgarian beer and some salami, that's where it ended. Galia always checks the receipt before we leave the shop, that was in order as well.

But where was the two bottles of lemonade and chocolates? (see Box Of Bulgarian Chocolates)

We had left the other shopping bag in the shop! So it was back to the shop and of course the bag was still were it was left, at the end of the cashiers counter. So, explaining the situation we took the forgotten bag back home it was as before but less gas in the car and 30 minutes later. Bad luck costs time and money.

Thursday 7 August 2008

Milk Fountain

Cartons of pasteurised milk don't you just love them, they are so convenient, they stay fresh for months the only problem is opening the bugger.

This morning my breakfast was about to begin, everything set out the night before as usual and a new one litre carton of milk in the fridge. All I had to do was pour the milk on the cornflakes.

Could I get the seal open? Yes I could but on tearing the laminated cardboard flap, the pressure I had on the carton just gave as the seal broke and a fountain of milk rose some 20 cm in the air and onto the cornflakes. Lucky you might say landing on the cornflakes but no this was unlucky, landing on the cornflakes with such force displaced them all over the table and floor. So it wasn't only milk I had to clear up but milk splattered cornflakes that had be fired far and wide.

Needless to say I wasn't angry as I knew the reputation of milk carton lay before me, no surprises there then.

Wednesday 6 August 2008

Back to the Drawing Board

I had just finished one hour writing a blog when there was a call from outside. It was a friend who needed to speak to Baba, so off I go to find Baba who is always on the move.

I found her eventually, she was next door talking to her cousin. We got her reunited with her friend and I knew they would be talking for hours so I left them there.

Back into the home to post my blog. By this time the laptop had hibernated and I had a gut felling there and then. On coming out of hibernation there was a fault with the Internet connection and it was recommended I reboot. I knew it! My work was lost!

On rebooting my assumption were correct, another moment of frustration as the work done had disappeared.

Not so long ago I would have pulled my hair out, cursed and had a tantrum, but not nowadays, I am in Bulgaria and the bad luck was accepted with the knowledge that it was back to the drawing board and after another hour of work it would be as you were. What's the problem, it just took two hours instead of one? The bad luck today cost an hour and no stress.

Tuesday 5 August 2008

Mobile Phone Call

Ever heard of getting out of the wrong side of the bed? Well that's exactly what happened first thing this morning.

For some reason I found myself on the other side of the bed when I awoke, and of course that's the side I decided to climb out of. Not being familar with that side of the bed I trod on Galia's mobile phone (GSM) that was by the side of that bed. I thought nothing of it until Galia called me an hour later....

My treading on the phone had set off a phone call and when found out most of the credit had run down! The lucky side to it was it was a local call.

Not a good start to the day, it felt like a Monday morning not a Tuesday morning, I suppose if it did happen Monday the call would have been international.

Monday 4 August 2008


A ten litre water bottle was the bone of contention this afternoon. We needed some water for the pot plants outside i the yard as the ten litre bottle was filled with water. These bottle have a plastic handle that is quite strong and I've always thought that the design was very robust and practical for the bottles to be reused time and time again. Very typically Bulgarian after all.

So the bottle filled and it is on my way tot he garden, suddenly, splosh! The bottle fell to the floor and the plastic cap knocked off and at least six of the ten litres of water all over the floor. The plastic handle had broke.

What made the luck worse was the fact that the journey from the kitchen through to the sitting room then along the hallway and out into the garden was all ceramic floors. The place that the spill was made was it he hallway where the only mat in the house was! It was now soaked!

Well just another day and another moment of bad luck of course.

Sunday 3 August 2008

No Money in Supermarket

We arrived in Yambol this evening and a quick visit to the shop for a loaf of bread. It was a supermarket and of course we got conned into buying little temptations en route to the bread aisle, yes the supermarket won again? Or did they?

Arriving at the checkout we got all the stuff through, around six items and went to pay. Where was my wallet? In my trouser pocket. Where was my trouser? Back in the village of Skalitsa we had just left.

Just our luck we had no money on us as all the goods had to go back into the shop again! Not a good end to the day which had been void of bad luck up until then.

Saturday 2 August 2008

Head Banging

A hat is for protection in many cases and this one I wore today was to protect from the sun. It is a white cloth hat and has served me well.
The bad luck came about today as I was wearing it in the car, normally I wouldn't take it off unless I was indoors, it remains on my head throughout.

Stopping en route at a shop, we decided to go in for cold drink, it was very hot. For some strange reason just before I got out of the car I took the hat off. Why I did this was a complete mystery. Then I proceeded to get out of the car and banged my head on the frame of the door that swung back in the wind!

I had been wearing that hat for at least three hours and the moment I took it off I bang my head. If I had been wearing the hat there would have been problem and certainly no pain!

Why did the hat come off? Who knows, a bad luck demon just got hold of me at that moment I think.

Friday 1 August 2008

Sole Destroying Luck

Walking into Yambol town centre this evening Yambol my sandal started to split and the sole was parting company. Gently does it as I walked carefully on.

It got worse and worse and finally it started flapping as I walked drawing attention to other walkers going past. This was bad enough, I was 2 km away from home and worse luck it was after 7:30 and all the shops had shut. I couldn't buy another pair.

The walk home was without a sole and even worse luck came when I got back. The lining had now worn away so the sandal couldn't be repaired which is what would have been done in true Bulgarian tradition.


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